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Cleaning and Coating Solutions

Monitor Distributors (also trading as Hawk High Pressure Pumps) are distributors of high pressure pumps and manufactures of high pressure washers and spraying solutions for over 30 years. Products are manufactured under the Hawk brand.

Hawk Products

The Hawk range of products centre around the concepts of "high pressure pumping and spraying"

High pressure pumping includes:

  • Industrial pumps
  • High Pressure washers and accessories
  • Pipe and vessel pressure testers
  • Drain and sewer cleaning machines on trolleys and trailers
  • Multi-pump cleaning trailers for poultry houses, piggeries and cattle sheds
  • Car wash and truck wash equipment
  • Water Jetting Machines for mine stope washing
  • Hydro-powered Power Packs for drilling in mines

Spraying includes:

  • Spray nozzles for industrial and agricultural applications
  • Pest control spraying equipment
  • Safety showers and eyewash units
  • Airless spray painting machines
  • Road marking and sports field line-markers
  • Mobile and fixed foamers
  • Mist cooling and humidification systems for a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications